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Devoll Hydropower Project
The basic architectural approach is to disroot topographic elements as the archetype from their surrounding and to transport and re-apply them into nature as a clear feature for all objects to be designed, independently from their type and purpose.
Abstractly seen, topographic structures consist of horizontal and tilted structures that are elements of the natural lay of the ground (banking, rock formations, layers of the ground, etc.)
Due to this transformation into architectural elements one structure with two horizontal elements develops, namely one floor space and one roof space. The cubage in between is used in a multi functional way for each kind of structure
This interactive architectural process enables the creation of three elementary structures (floor – roof area – inserted cubage). Thus each kind of structure can be developed individually, independently from its location and purpose and projects a clear and explicit image.
Corporate Design becomes implicit and visional without any necessities, creating one-of-a-kind that distinctively relates to its location and space, establishing a close symbiosis with environment.

Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. (DHP)